John H Petitjean
14 rue Kerautret Botmel
Bat D
35000 RENNES
06 79 92 21 10


From 2002 to 2006

I taught drums at the Dijon Progressive Drum School and, through my teaching, actively helped in the development of this academy over a period of 4 years, and also learnt new teaching skills that helped me know what direction I wanted my professional life to take. I then came to Rennes to open the Creativ’Drum Center.

Since 2007

My years of education under renowned professional drummers and teaching my own pupils led me to try and think up a new approach to learning the drums. At ‘Creativ’Drum’, after much thought, I came up with a simple, fun, yet efficient training method. This method has been created with the specific aim of being applicable to anyone, from those wishing to learn the drums from scratch to musicians hoping to perfect their technique. The teaching is based around a specific goal that has to be met at the end of each course. All the important skills are covered, from hearing protection, tuning, positioning yourself correctly behind the kit, listening, developing a personal playing style, organising a rehearsal to recording or even organising a concert.

Positioning yourself correctly is one of the most important things we work on, and our Drum Center works with Rennes’ ergonomics students, under the supervision of a physiotherapist, which allows the drummers to gain knowledge of this important field.

The lessons and the various courses are adaptable to all levels, from beginners to professionals who want to apply the coaching programme to their work on stage or in the studio. Lessons are in French, or in English for non-French speakers. The Creativ’Drum Center is run by one teacher alone, which ensures that students get efficient guidance. This is the basis of our Quality Charter, and the sole goal of this guidance is to let each student develop his personality using his own creativity.




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